How I’m Keeping Up With My 2018 Resolutions

Day Designer Planner Paintly Floral

Planner: c/o Day Designer | Plaid shirt: Old Navy | Distressed denim jeans: Old Navy | Watch: c/o AIBI


This blog post is totally spur of the moment but I’ve discovered a few programs/studies that I had to share with you! I made a few resolutions for this year like the rest of the world, and instead of just sharing them with you I wanted to talk about how I plan to keep up with them.

Before I start, I wanted to talk to you about my new planner by Day Designer which is a DREAM! I haven’t gotten around to using it that much yet but I’ve been wanting one for the longest time. I’ve heard they change the way people organize and manage their every day lives… plus they’re all just so pretty. I’ve always been obsessed with stationary products and while some people prefer their online calenders and agendas, I need a hard copy to stay organized. I had a tough time choosing which one I wanted (I almost got this one and this one) but decided on the “Painterly Floral” design. On a side note, I really aim to grow my clientele for floral design this year so I thought this version would keep me inspired!

Now lets talk about the real reason why you came. Here are my 2018 resolutions (in no particular order) and how I’m keeping up with them so far!

1. Live Healthier 

As you may or may not know, I did Whole 30 and lost 10 pounds. I will be the first to admit that it’s HARD, even if the program tells you not to use that word. I plan to start the Hot Mom Bod Program in a few days which is a 12-week program designed for busy moms.  According to the program you can eat whatever you walk and only do a little exercise and still achieve your weight loss goals. I personally plan to cut back on my sugar intake, increase my water intake, and work out for 30 minutes a day while on the program. If you buy the program or have already done it, let me know! I’d love to learn about your results. My girl Mariah & I over at the blog Like Honey are also planning to do BBG soon. I’m really nervous about this one because I heard it is INTENSE.

2. Grow My Faith 

My friend Kim (owner of Belle & Ten) & I are doing an online Bible study through Lifeway Women. We had this same resolution in mind and thought it’d be fun to kind of keep each other accountable! I love how in today’s world we have the option of doing a Bible study online and it can work with our busy schedules and on our own time. This will be just a jump start to my resolution and hopefully a way that’ll let me incorporate studying His word consistently every week.

3. Manage My Finances Smarter

I know I need to work on saving more, so I plan to start taking a portion of every check from my day job and putting it in a separate account. Royce & I have a few travel plans in mind I know I need to prepare for, like a road trip to Minnesota for my friend’s graduation (and possibly visiting Mall of America there!) and Atlanta if I decide to attend my graduation ceremony for my online classes. Beside from that, it’s nice to just have “cushion” money in case of an emergency. I also aim to cut back on unnecessary shopping and subscriptions and live more in the moment. I’ve already cut off my Netflix subscription and soon I’ll start creating a monthly budget for any shopping I do.

I’d love to know what your resolutions are for this year and how you plan to keep up with them! Maybe we can be online accountability buddies 😉

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