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If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you’d know that I’ve been on the hunt for a new dry shampoo and products to maintain my crazy curly hair. While I haven’t found my perfect shampoo & conditioner yet, I have three other hair products I’ve been loving lately that I want to share!


When my hair is natural and curly, I need something to control the bottom half of my hair because it gets frizzy and becomes poofy if that makes sense. The aveda be curly serum has really helped let my natural curls shine and be lightweight and look more put together. I got this at my local salon during my last visit and I plan to dry out their damage remedy line for shampoo and conditioner as I’ve heard great things about it!

My most popular hair style is just my loose waves/curls. I have to straighten my hair first and then curl it (curly hair probs) and always need to use a spray to keep them in place. The one I’ve used and love by far out of any sprays I’ve had is this one by Chi. It keeps my curls lightweight and never sticky if you know what I’m talking about.

I saved the best for last! I’ve been a lover of dry shampoo since I had Royce. I didn’t use it too often before because well, I had the time to wash my hair! Anyway, I tried a dry shampoo from Batisse that I got from Marshalls months back and while it got the job done, it didn’t do much and I wasn’t crazy about it. I definitely didn’t like how much white residue it left. To be honest, I think people only like it because the bottles are pretty and it smells good! I grabbed the grapefruit scented Herbal Essence dry shampoo when I was at Target and all I have to say is: GET IT! It’s so lightweight which is huge for me because I have thin hair and don’t need anything that’ll weigh my hair down. It’s also really inexpensive AND can be found at most drugstores so if you forget one and can’t stop at your local salon or beauty store, you can still get it!

Personal care

I know, totally not something I’d normally review but I have to tell you about the new line from Summer’s Eve. Back in high school and college I was misinformed and thought using products down there was safe and key to good feminine hygiene. WRONG. You shouldn’t use anything down there really because the woman’s reproductive parts are self cleaning. I know, this is weird to talk about. BUT Summer’s Eve has the Simply line out and all the products are free of harsh chemicals, dyes, alcohol and parabens. Of course these aren’t something you need to use every day, but it’s nice to have safe products to use on your body after your monthly or just because to make you feel cleaner down there. What I love about these compared to competitors is that the scents aren’t overbearing – my favorite is the mandarin but the coconut is really soft and sweet too. I literally always have a few travel wipes with me in my purse!



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