Fall Fun & OshKosh Overalls Day

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I remember being younger and my mom always dressing me in overalls. I did NOT want to wear them because 1) I wanted to dress myself 2) I didn’t think they were fashion-forward. Arguing with my mom over what I wore was a daily battle, but now that I’m a mother myself I look back on photos of myself and realize how cute my outfits were. Yep, I’m admitting it: My mom was right.

I can totally understand why she wanted to dress me in them now. Overalls are so easy to match with other things and good for several seasons, they actually stay on your kid (unlike lots of baby/toddler jeans), AND they’re simply adorable! I got the set that Royce is wearing at the OshKosh store closest to us and I was relieved when I saw how easy they were to find. They had an entire section on a wall with toddler overalls hanging so I could see them all at once and get a good idea of the pairs we wanted to buy.

What I love about OshKosh is how easy it is to find an entire outfit for him! It’s definitely my go-to place for kids fashion. The pair of overalls we bought have a warm grey flannel lined on the inside that shows when you cuff up his pant legs, so I paired them with the grey flannel bodysuit underneath. Not only is this set perfect together, but both pieces can be worn separately with other items.

On October 25th, OshKosh will be celebrating its second annual Overalls Day! I’m so excited we can participate this year and have the chance to win prizes by sharing photos and using the hashtag #OverallsDay. OshKosh will be giving away $100 gift cards every hour from 10am – 5pm EST on Overalls Day. You can enter on Instagram or Twitter. You can also enter on Facebook and one lucky winner will receive a $500 card (yes, you can participate in both for double the chances of winning – how cool is that?) If you’re into made up holidays and will be celebrating as well, make sure to share your favorite photos with us!

OshKosh Overall Day Bloom With Style


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