Royce’s 1st Birthday Party


This post is a littttle behind, but better late than never, right?

Royce is officially ONE! If you’ve been following me from the start, I have two things to say to you: Thank you & I love you. Without my close friends, family, and YOU, I wouldn’t be the mom I am today! Getting pregnant with Royce at 20 was terrifying and I was unsure if I’d be a good (or a decent) mother. Now that he’s one and turning into an intelligent, loving, and outgoing toddler, I feel much better about my parenting skills but know that I owe a great deal of it to those who have kept up with us and offered kind words and hugs, even if they are virtual.

Behind this sappy message is going to be details on his party, I promise! I seriously just want to express my thanks to everyone who has helped me become a better mother in any sort of way. Even through simple Instagram DM’s and Facebook messages, I have taken those words to heart. I want to hug each and every person who has had a part in both of our lives thus far!

All of that to say that his 1st birthday party was small(ish) but filled with fun! My plan was to NOT spend a lot because well, he’s only one, and everyone knows the first few parties are mostly for the adults 😉 For “real” food we had pulled chicken sandwiches, chips and black bean + corn salsa, a french onion dip, and a nacho cheese dip. We also had a fruit and veggie tray, baked mac & cheese, and cheesy potatoes. YUM. The dessert table shown above looks fancy but it was actually really inexpensive. All of the decor was from Oriental Trading, the Target dollar spot from this year + last, and surprisingly Meijer’s craft section! The little debbie cakes were a hit (and saved me a lot of money from buying themed cookies that would be $2+ each) and everyone LOVED the hot cocoa bar. My sweet cousin helped me with the smores on a stick and even those who aren’t huge s’mores eaters enjoyed them!

I have a normal cake lady that I found on Facebook and used for Royce’s baby shower, but unfortunately she was sick and couldn’t do his cake. I went back to the good ol’ Facebook and found another amazing local cake lady who made this beautiful birch tree cake. NO ONE thought it was real! Thank goodness I got photos of it before my cousin poked her finger in it and made a huge dent on it because she thought it was a tree log! If you’re in Rockford, search “Simply Sweet Expressions” and let her take care of the cake for your next event!

Funny story… Royce was not a happy camper when we sang to him. I think he was so overwhelmed by how many people were there and everyone singing at once that he started bawling. A week later on his actual birthday we took him to see Santa and he also cried then! Of course it’s not fun seeing him cry but he’s still so cute when he does.

Buffalo Plaid mug tumbler

The last super cute item that fit in perfectly with his birthday party theme is this travel tumbler from Made by Crafter Hours! I got several compliments on it at the party. I bought an adorable monogram clutch from this same shop maybe 2 years ago and I still use it once a month. The shop owner is the sweetest and really timely getting back to you about something. If you love monograms like me, definitely check out her shop (she’s also doing 12 days of deals on IG right now!)

Once again, thank you to everyone who helped make his birthday party a success and showered him with love. I can’t wait to plan another party and see what the trends are around this time next year!

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