Target Beauty Box – October 2018

I finally got my hands on a Target beauty box! When they first launched, I was SO ready to order one but they sold out quickly. I’m not normally a subscription-box fan simply because you normally don’t get something you’d use in each box and it’s another monthly fee on top of the many bills we already have, haha! I love that anyone can buy this box online and how affordable it is. They go FAST, but if you sign up for Target’s emails then you’ll be the first to know when they release. This month they had two boxes – the classic version of the beauty box with a mix of products from different categories and a eye-themed box. I’ll be giving you my first impression on each product featured and a little information about them too.

My favorite thing about these boxes is the price. Retailing at $7 each with free shipping, you’re getting more than your money’s worth for sample sizes of 5 different products. You also you get a $3 off coupon for any beauty purchase over $15 in each box which definitely comes in handy when you’re grabbing essential beauty items during your shopping trip!

Classic Beauty Box

Love Beauty & Planet Volume Shampoo & Conditioner – I was really excited about this product because it’s made for those with fine/thin hair who are lacking volume. Even though my hair is curly, I’ve never had thick hair and I don’t like to get layers put in my hair which usually helps with dimension and volume naturally. This product smells SO good and while I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my hair yet, I will say that it doesn’t dry out my hair or make it more frizzy like others I’ve tried have so I’m definitely going to keep using it.

Bliss Make-Up Melt Dry/Wet Jelly Cleanser – Another cleaner beauty product that I was happy to receive. It’s gentle but effective and sensitive skin friendly. You can use this on an eye pad or directly on your hands and massage it into your skin and even over your eyes to remove makeup and cleanse. From the scent alone, you’ll want to try this product!

Tom’s Luminous White Toothpaste – I’ve used Tom’s products in the past and was glad to see a product in this box so more people can try it. While I normally don’t use toothpaste with fluoride, it’s supposed to help you get visibly whiter teeth within 2 weeks so I may give it a try 🙂

Olay Total Effects Whips Moisturizer – Right off the bat, this product is as lightweight as advertised. It feels like whip cream on your skin! This product is for anyone who wants to reduce dark spots, minimize the look of pores, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, enhance brightness, even skin tone appearance, and of course moisturize! It is on the expensive side for a full size product retailing at $28.99 – so this sample size alone was worth the price of the box.

Cetaphil Body & Face Moisturizing Lotion – I already wasn’t thrilled about this product from the get-go only because I’ve heard of their products before and many have stronger chemicals that I try to avoid. After trying this lotion, I can say that it’s thinner and runnier than I’d normally buy. This product is flat out a no from me and I’d never buy it, but it has good reviews from many others who claim that it’s not greasy and helps with acne-prone skin.

October Eye Box 

Acure Undereye Hydrogels – I haven’t tried this product yet and personally don’t need to. I’m going to keep this product though so I can test it after baby #2 arrives since I probably won’t be getting much sleep 😉

Sonia Kashuk Brow Line & Spoolie Brush – I was thrilled to get this one simply because it seems to be a full size product. Both ends are pretty soft, but that’s not a plus in my book because I like my brow brushes to be firmer to apply product to. I haven’t tested this out but I have heard great things about her line at Target.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – I tested this mascara and WHOA! I really can tell the difference. I’m picky with mascaras because I feel like I’ve tried a handful of drugstore options but this one is definitely worth getting your hands on!

Covergirl Get In Line Eyeliner in Matte Black- First thing I noticed was this was also a full size product. Retailing at $7.99, if you want to test this product then you should get the box since you’re already saving money. The tip is really fine which is great for women like me who struggle to put on eyeliner and seems to be smudge proof after I tested it once.

Lumify Eyedrops – I can’t review this product simply because I don’t need it right now. These are geared towards people who wear contacts and have redness in their eyes but apparently they work in one minute which intrigued me. The reviews are great for this product so if you’re in the market for a new brand of eyedrops, I would try out Lumify’s!



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  1. How fun to get a box of surprise beauty products in the mail! I also have really fine hair, so I’ll have to check out the shampoo and conditioner. I love a shampoo that smells great!

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