The Importance Of Making Time

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Dougie & I’s entire relationship (plus the news of baby #2!) was a shock for many people. Besides a few friends who knew we were “talking”, we kept it pretty private. It seemed like everything was happening SO fast for everyone involved even though we had reconnected for a good period of time.

However, Dougie and I actually met in high school! We kept in touch and chatted here and there over the years. We had crushes on each other in high school but never pursued anything, and honestly just chatted about things happening at our high school music, and sports most of the time (this was back when I actually had a chance to watch TV, lol)! I wish we had started something then and there, but as you probably know, things usually don’t work out as we plan and our lives can take unexpected twists and turns!

Now that we’re living together, committed for LIFE (whoa, still kind of weird to say), have sweet little Royce and expecting baby #2, life is a bit harder in some ways. Dougie’s work schedule isn’t a traditional one, I work from home, and we have a toddler to look after. That means it’s easier now than it ever has been to get caught up in the chaos, exhaustion, and busy schedule that our day to day activities bring.

Making time for one another is challenging… Well, at least we thought it was for a while. It’s a lot less complicated when you realize that you don’t always have to schedule dinner and a movie and dress up for you to enjoy each other’s company. Now that we’re on a tighter budget and planning for the new baby’s arrival, we’ve discovered ways to spend time together without emptying our pockets.


Netflix & Chill – Yes, as typical and boring as it may sound, it’s one of the easiest ways to do something together. Most nights we lay in bed and watch a show together (we’re currently bingeing Jane The Virgin until I fall asleep, haha!) but some days we order take out and watch it together in our living room for a little change up.

Eating Dinner Together – Whether we have Royce or not, it’s nice to sit down and actually have a meal together and talk to one another. That’s something my family didn’t do much when I was younger, so I want to make it a tradition for ours. Doesn’t have to be fancy at all, trust me. Some days it’s Hamburger Helper we’re consuming over conversation 😉

Shopping  – No, I don’t mean you need to hit up Nordstrom and spend a rack together! One thing that I do weekly is take a trip to the grocery store to get food for us and any other household necessities. It’s always more fun when Dougie tags along and we often have a good, short talk in the car or even in the check-out line. While this is a chore for most, it can turn into a more fun experience when you go together.


Picnic at the Park – This is something I’ve always wanted to do! You can buy pre-made snacks and treats from the store and wine if you’re a drinker, or even make the food yourself. Going during the golden hour would be even more romantic.

Roller or Ice Skating – For some reason, I always forget that we have both of these activities to do! It’s fairly affordable and you’re sure to get a laugh in in the rink because one of you will probably fall or stumble a few times!

Going on a Hike/Walking – Walking is something I use to do a lot when it was just Royce & I, and Dougie will gladly admit it’s not his cup of tea. However, my favorite memory of us was when we were walking at Anderson Japanese Gardens in my hometown and feeding the fish – later that evening he proposed, which is another reason why it’s one of the best times I’ve had with him!

“Love is given to us as a time, but to keep it always, we must make it a place.”

Let me conclude by saying I’ve have a billion chances to get things around the house done when Royce is away – half the time I make a mental list of things I want to accomplish that day! However, I realize we rarely get moments to ourselves as a couple, so I usually soak them up with Dougie. Most of the time, we lay in bed and talk to each other about anything that may come up, and sometimes end up laughing so hard that I have to run to the bathroom! Those simple little things can become the best moments. Here’s a friendly reminder that no matter how jam-packed your schedule is, schedule time for yourself and your partner and make it a priority. What’s the secret to a long lasting, beautiful relationship or marriage? Well… there isn’t one, but there are a whole lot of ways you can fail, and not making time for each other is a big one.

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  1. Time is so important these days with life getting busier and busier. Thanks for the reminder to take time to stop and appreciate those around us. The connection we have with others is our true sign of success.

  2. I think the best thing my husband and I do for our marriage is have a date night every other week. It gives us the opportunity to connect, without distractions!

    1. That’s a wonderful thing! I think so many couples feel guilty for doing so (especially after children), but it really is MUCH needed!

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