What do you buy your friend who has everything? What do you buy someone whose name you may have drawn for a gift exchange and don’t know that well? These items are all useful, cute, and a great gift that you can’t go wrong with. Even if someone has a similar item already, it’s not a gift that’ll go to waste! In my private Facebook group that you can join here, most voted that they wanted to see gifts under $50 – all of these are very affordable ranging from around $8 to $40!

  1. Purest Naturals Bath Bombs Gift Set – Handmade organic bath bombs! If you didn’t know already, most of the cute bath bombs you see in stores are filled with lots of chemicals you probably don’t have to bathe in. These are filled with essential oils and only natural ingredients to make your next bath relaxing, moisturizing, and still cute 😉
  2. Marble Trinket Tray (Jewelry Dish) – This little trinket tray is a ceramic dish that you can store your beloved jewelry on before you take a shower or go to sleep. It’s very simple yet practical!
  3. Gold Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Everyone needs one of these! I love mine for playing music while I’m cleaning or when having friends over, plus it’s nice to have a small size one to bring if your friend is having a get-together. Remember the days when you had a huge stereo system or used the TV to play music? Lol!
  4. DaySpring 2019 Agenda – Probably the most useful gift because who doesn’t need a new agenda? The year is coming to an end and everyone loves to (or wants to) stay organized.
  5. Pineapple Bottle Opener – I strongly believe you can never have too many of these, so it’s a great gift idea for all.
  6. Blue Light Blocking Glasses – The best gift for your friends who are students, work from home, gamers… honestly anyone who stares at a screen all day long. These glasses help protect your eyes and reviews state that many people notice a difference right away.
  7. Plaid Monogram Mug – I shared this on my Instagram and so many loved it! Add a few hot cocoa/coffee/tea packets inside with a candy cane and you have the cutest gift (especially for teachers). Plus you can’t beat the price!
  8. Blush Hat, Gloves & Scarf Set – I’ve always loved receiving sets like this because I’m one of those people who likes to match my winter accessories. This set is trendy with the pom-pom detail on the hat and it comes in 20 colors if you’re looking to gift it to multiple people!
  9. Stick-On Card Wallet – You can now eliminate your wallet (or at least minimize the use of it) with this little phone accessory! I love these for events such as games, concerts, festivals, etc where you don’t want to take your wallet with you but still need your card.
  10. Marble Essential Oil Diffuser – Essential oils are becoming more and more popular. While I still love my candles, essential oils last a lot longer and are safer for you. I try to avoid buying scented products for people unless I know exactly what they like and dislike, so this stylish marble diffuser is a safe gift option.
  11. Tropical Flowers Luggage Tag – Another small but sweet gift idea. Know someone who’s always on the go? Make sure their luggage looks chic with these luggage tags and of course, helps get their bags back ASAP  in case they’re lost!

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