A Honest Lash Lift & Tint Review


If you’ve followed me for over a year or so, you’d know that I got lash extensions before. I had finally decided to do something I wanted for SO long for myself and saved up to do so. I explained to the gal doing them (who was really nice and friendly, but I think we just have different style preferences when it comes to lashes) that I wanted natural looking lashes, just longer than my current length. I came in with the normal amount of makeup I wear which consists of a light coverage foundation, my brows filled in, and tinted chapstick/lip gloss so she could see how much of a plain Jane I really am. I’m extremely low-maintenance when it comes to makeup because many days I don’t even wear foundation! When she handed me the mirror to see my new and improved face, the lashes were way more dramatic than I hoped for. Even though some family and friends liked them, I felt SO silly with them on. I told myself that I might get used to them as they were a brand new addition to my bare face, but I didn’t. My eyes wouldn’t stop watering after I left for about two days prior, so I ended up just rubbing them all out myself to avoid an awkward trip back to the lash salon.

I was SO disappointed that I wasted close to $200 for them when they only lasted for about 2 days since I couldn’t handle them on. On top of that, the upkeep is expensive as you’ll need a refill every 3-5 weeks which is $60 at that specific salon. I’ll probably never get lash extensions again unless it’s for a really special event or a complimentary service, but I’m still not sure if someone could even convince me then! I’d probably just do cheap glue on falsies.


Now on to the good stuff! A girl I know through social media is at a Arch, a beauty boutique in downtown, Rockford, and needed some models for the lash lift and tint. I was so eager to get this done because my natural lashes are very straight and I would love to save time from curling them. I asked Brinley who is my new lash lady why a lash lift and tint would be recommended over lash extensions. She explained that it’s more affordable, healthier for your lashes, and requires less upkeep. It’s essentially a perm for your lashes – your technician will use a rod and lay your lashes over it to create a long lasting curl. Brinley was so informative and made sure I was comfortable the entire time! I’m not sure why, but even when I get my brows waxed my eyes will tear up even though it doesn’t hurt. I expected my eyes to water with during this entire process (which took about an hour long), but they didn’t until we got to the tint, and I assume that was only because of the smell of the dye. Once I left, my eyes didn’t feel sensitive whatsoever which is a major win in my book!


I’m sure you know that lash lifts & tints vary from each salon so make sure you find out the price before you go (plus prices can change at any time)! At Arch, the lash lift & tint together is $70. If you want a single service, the lash lift is $60, and the lash tint is $20.

I would say yes! I didn’t think my lashes were going to look that much different after the tinting since mine are almost black. However I did notice a difference in the color right after so if you mostly use mascara for the darkening affects, definitely! Since it’s only been a few days, I’ll put an update in the next few weeks on how long the curl lasts. It depends on how much mascara you normally use and the affect you want since each mascara is formulated for different things – volume, length, curl, etc.

Lash lift and tint review

A lash lift and tint can last up to 8 weeks. I was informed to not wash my lashes or use mascara for 24 hours to make sure they set in place and the tint doesn’t fade off. I love this so much more than extensions because even though you’re allowed to rub your eyes and use makeup over the extensions, it feels like you’ll have fall out!


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A special thanks to Brinley at Arch in Rockford for letting me be a model and try out this great service! I can’t say enough good things about the lash lift and tint and her specifically. If someone like me with stubborn short, straight lashes could see a big difference after, if you have longer lashes you will love this service! Feel free to leave any other questions or comments you may have below ūüôā

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Where are all my beauty junkies at? You may be like me and not be makeup obsessed or into beauty and skincare¬† all that much (getting more into it though!) but have some friends that are. It can be so hard shopping for someone who always has the latest palettes and buys every new product that a Youtube beauty guru launches… but I have a few suggestions for you! While it wasn’t intentional, every product mentioned is under $50 so you’re not putting a huge dent into your pocket with these fun products. Enjoy!

Products featured:

  1. BeautyBio Bright Eyes Set РThe perfect set for the tired mama, college student, or full time worker! This comes with de-puffing and cooling eye gels and an adorable sleep mask.
  2. Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Luxe Hydration Trio (Limited Edition) – Comes with a body polish, hydrating facial mist, and lip conditioner. It’s also paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, and silicone-free for those who like green & clean beauty products!
  3. Pacifica Pink Nudes Palette – One of my new favorite beauty brands! Once again, they’re on the safer side when it comes to cosmetics. This palette has highly pigmented, coconut infused mineral eyeshadows in gorgeous every day colors.
  4. Hestya Makeup Sponge Holder Egg Sponge Stand¬†– I’ll admit that I linked this one because it’s just so cute, but it’s the perfect drying rack for your beauty sponges and a fun display option!
  5. Herbivore Botanicals Rose Quartz Facial Roller – This season’s hottest beauty tool! I got one for myself and put it in the fridge to help with relaxing but it has many benefits that includes opening your pores, increasing circulation, and de-puffing.
  6. Workfice Makeup Brush Cleaner – This little tool cleans AND dries your brushes in 30 seconds or less! It does all the work for you, making cleaning your makeup brushes a breeze.
  7. Makartt LED/UV Curing Portable Lamp for Gel Nails – Suitable for curing all kinds of UV and LED gel nail polishes and allows you to try your nails anywhere!
  8. Tri-fold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror – I mean, who wouldn’t want this? It has several different magnification options and lights up so you can see what your makeup looks like in regular light and bright light!
  9. Arte Clavo Soak Off Nail Gel Polish Set – DIY salon no-chip nails at home for a fraction of the price! These polishes are non-toxic and of course, long lasting!
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