A Honest Lash Lift & Tint Review


If you’ve followed me for over a year or so, you’d know that I got lash extensions before. I had finally decided to do something I wanted for SO long for myself and saved up to do so. I explained to the gal doing them (who was really nice and friendly, but I think we just have different style preferences when it comes to lashes) that I wanted natural looking lashes, just longer than my current length. I came in with the normal amount of makeup I wear which consists of a light coverage foundation, my brows filled in, and tinted chapstick/lip gloss so she could see how much of a plain Jane I really am. I’m extremely low-maintenance when it comes to makeup because many days I don’t even wear foundation! When she handed me the mirror to see my new and improved face, the lashes were way more dramatic than I hoped for. Even though some family and friends liked them, I felt SO silly with them on. I told myself that I might get used to them as they were a brand new addition to my bare face, but I didn’t. My eyes wouldn’t stop watering after I left for about two days prior, so I ended up just rubbing them all out myself to avoid an awkward trip back to the lash salon.

I was SO disappointed that I wasted close to $200 for them when they only lasted for about 2 days since I couldn’t handle them on. On top of that, the upkeep is expensive as you’ll need a refill every 3-5 weeks which is $60 at that specific salon. I’ll probably never get lash extensions again unless it’s for a really special event or a complimentary service, but I’m still not sure if someone could even convince me then! I’d probably just do cheap glue on falsies.


Now on to the good stuff! A girl I know through social media is at a Arch, a beauty boutique in downtown, Rockford, and needed some models for the lash lift and tint. I was so eager to get this done because my natural lashes are very straight and I would love to save time from curling them. I asked Brinley who is my new lash lady why a lash lift and tint would be recommended over lash extensions. She explained that it’s more affordable, healthier for your lashes, and requires less upkeep. It’s essentially a perm for your lashes – your technician will use a rod and lay your lashes over it to create a long lasting curl. Brinley was so informative and made sure I was comfortable the entire time! I’m not sure why, but even when I get my brows waxed my eyes will tear up even though it doesn’t hurt. I expected my eyes to water with during this entire process (which took about an hour long), but they didn’t until we got to the tint, and I assume that was only because of the smell of the dye. Once I left, my eyes didn’t feel sensitive whatsoever which is a major win in my book!


I’m sure you know that lash lifts & tints vary from each salon so make sure you find out the price before you go (plus prices can change at any time)! At Arch, the lash lift & tint together is $70. If you want a single service, the lash lift is $60, and the lash tint is $20.

I would say yes! I didn’t think my lashes were going to look that much different after the tinting since mine are almost black. However I did notice a difference in the color right after so if you mostly use mascara for the darkening affects, definitely! Since it’s only been a few days, I’ll put an update in the next few weeks on how long the curl lasts. It depends on how much mascara you normally use and the affect you want since each mascara is formulated for different things – volume, length, curl, etc.

Lash lift and tint review

A lash lift and tint can last up to 8 weeks. I was informed to not wash my lashes or use mascara for 24 hours to make sure they set in place and the tint doesn’t fade off. I love this so much more than extensions because even though you’re allowed to rub your eyes and use makeup over the extensions, it feels like you’ll have fall out!


Pinterest Lash Lift and Tint

A special thanks to Brinley at Arch in Rockford for letting me be a model and try out this great service! I can’t say enough good things about the lash lift and tint and her specifically. If someone like me with stubborn short, straight lashes could see a big difference after, if you have longer lashes you will love this service! Feel free to leave any other questions or comments you may have below 🙂

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What do you buy your friend who has everything? What do you buy someone whose name you may have drawn for a gift exchange and don’t know that well? These items are all useful, cute, and a great gift that you can’t go wrong with. Even if someone has a similar item already, it’s not a gift that’ll go to waste! In my private Facebook group that you can join here, most voted that they wanted to see gifts under $50 – all of these are very affordable ranging from around $8 to $40!

  1. Purest Naturals Bath Bombs Gift Set – Handmade organic bath bombs! If you didn’t know already, most of the cute bath bombs you see in stores are filled with lots of chemicals you probably don’t have to bathe in. These are filled with essential oils and only natural ingredients to make your next bath relaxing, moisturizing, and still cute 😉
  2. Marble Trinket Tray (Jewelry Dish) – This little trinket tray is a ceramic dish that you can store your beloved jewelry on before you take a shower or go to sleep. It’s very simple yet practical!
  3. Gold Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Everyone needs one of these! I love mine for playing music while I’m cleaning or when having friends over, plus it’s nice to have a small size one to bring if your friend is having a get-together. Remember the days when you had a huge stereo system or used the TV to play music? Lol!
  4. DaySpring 2019 Agenda – Probably the most useful gift because who doesn’t need a new agenda? The year is coming to an end and everyone loves to (or wants to) stay organized.
  5. Pineapple Bottle Opener – I strongly believe you can never have too many of these, so it’s a great gift idea for all.
  6. Blue Light Blocking Glasses – The best gift for your friends who are students, work from home, gamers… honestly anyone who stares at a screen all day long. These glasses help protect your eyes and reviews state that many people notice a difference right away.
  7. Plaid Monogram Mug – I shared this on my Instagram and so many loved it! Add a few hot cocoa/coffee/tea packets inside with a candy cane and you have the cutest gift (especially for teachers). Plus you can’t beat the price!
  8. Blush Hat, Gloves & Scarf Set – I’ve always loved receiving sets like this because I’m one of those people who likes to match my winter accessories. This set is trendy with the pom-pom detail on the hat and it comes in 20 colors if you’re looking to gift it to multiple people!
  9. Stick-On Card Wallet – You can now eliminate your wallet (or at least minimize the use of it) with this little phone accessory! I love these for events such as games, concerts, festivals, etc where you don’t want to take your wallet with you but still need your card.
  10. Marble Essential Oil Diffuser – Essential oils are becoming more and more popular. While I still love my candles, essential oils last a lot longer and are safer for you. I try to avoid buying scented products for people unless I know exactly what they like and dislike, so this stylish marble diffuser is a safe gift option.
  11. Tropical Flowers Luggage Tag – Another small but sweet gift idea. Know someone who’s always on the go? Make sure their luggage looks chic with these luggage tags and of course, helps get their bags back ASAP  in case they’re lost!
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Where are all my beauty junkies at? You may be like me and not be makeup obsessed or into beauty and skincare  all that much (getting more into it though!) but have some friends that are. It can be so hard shopping for someone who always has the latest palettes and buys every new product that a Youtube beauty guru launches… but I have a few suggestions for you! While it wasn’t intentional, every product mentioned is under $50 so you’re not putting a huge dent into your pocket with these fun products. Enjoy!

Products featured:

  1. BeautyBio Bright Eyes Set – The perfect set for the tired mama, college student, or full time worker! This comes with de-puffing and cooling eye gels and an adorable sleep mask.
  2. Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Luxe Hydration Trio (Limited Edition) – Comes with a body polish, hydrating facial mist, and lip conditioner. It’s also paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, and silicone-free for those who like green & clean beauty products!
  3. Pacifica Pink Nudes Palette – One of my new favorite beauty brands! Once again, they’re on the safer side when it comes to cosmetics. This palette has highly pigmented, coconut infused mineral eyeshadows in gorgeous every day colors.
  4. Hestya Makeup Sponge Holder Egg Sponge Stand – I’ll admit that I linked this one because it’s just so cute, but it’s the perfect drying rack for your beauty sponges and a fun display option!
  5. Herbivore Botanicals Rose Quartz Facial Roller – This season’s hottest beauty tool! I got one for myself and put it in the fridge to help with relaxing but it has many benefits that includes opening your pores, increasing circulation, and de-puffing.
  6. Workfice Makeup Brush Cleaner – This little tool cleans AND dries your brushes in 30 seconds or less! It does all the work for you, making cleaning your makeup brushes a breeze.
  7. Makartt LED/UV Curing Portable Lamp for Gel Nails – Suitable for curing all kinds of UV and LED gel nail polishes and allows you to try your nails anywhere!
  8. Tri-fold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror – I mean, who wouldn’t want this? It has several different magnification options and lights up so you can see what your makeup looks like in regular light and bright light!
  9. Arte Clavo Soak Off Nail Gel Polish Set – DIY salon no-chip nails at home for a fraction of the price! These polishes are non-toxic and of course, long lasting!
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Finding Gifts for New Parents with Incredibundles (Plus A Giveaway)!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’re probably familiar with Incredibundles! Royce and I got the book bundle box when he was around 5 months old, and some of the books we received are still some of his favorites that he reaches for daily (see the post here). This time around we’re going to share one of their boxes that would be perfect for gifting this holiday season for any new or expectant mother – The Diaper & Wipes Subscription!

When our bundle arrived, it was complete with the softest plush teddy bear, three small Pamper’s diapers, and the certificates to redeem our diaper subscription. It all comes bundled together in one of the company’s trademark chic reusable storage boxes, perfect for presenting at an event – plus it’s the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year!

After you make an account with Incredibundles, you can go to the diaper and baby wipes subscription tabs and select the brand of the diapers/wipes and sizes you’d like for each month. There’s three options- Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, or Member’s Mark and different kinds of diapers from each brand. For example, Pamper’s has Easy Ups training pants, Swaddlers, Swaddlers sensitive, Cruisers diapers and more! I was surprised at how easy this entire process was – especially since your shipping address will save.  There’s nothing worse than running low on diapers and wipes and having to rush to the store to get another box, so getting diapers and wipes delivered straight to your door is the perfect gift for new parents who already have a lot on their plate.

Make sure to check out the other bundles available such as the book bundles with premium board formatted books or the bath bundles that are filled with different toys, tools, and even apparel to make bath time fun for all! We all know that there are tons of baby products on the market right now and it can hard to decide what to get for a new parent. Save yourself the hassle and grab an affordable gift from Incredibundles this season!

Lastly, want to win a THREE MONTH SUPPLY of diapers and wipes? All details can be found on my Instagram (click here) and for an additional entry, leave a comment on this blog post! Good luck, friends!

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November Old Navy Favorites & Mini Try On Session

Old Navy is one of my favorite stores because of the great deals on staples they have for women. Trends come and go, but somehow Old Navy does a great job at putting together modern looks in classic styles so you won’t have an item that’s in this season but unwearable the next. I stopped by my local ON to get an outfit for family photos for Royce and saw so many great items for the fall and winter that I had to try a few things on!

For sizing reference, I’m about 5’5″ and 28 weeks pregnant. I’m wearing a medium in both the color-block sweater and the plaid button up, but a large in the red sweater as I wanted to layer it over the plaid button up. The jeans are from their “jegging” collection and SO stretchy and comfortable. They aren’t maternity, but definitely wearable and I love having an option that doesn’t have the belly band! I’m normally a 6 in Old Navy’s jeans but I sized up to an 8 for my bump.

You can shop all the pieces I’ve shared above, plus a few other favorites using the photos below!

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4 Ingredient Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Can you believe these cookies required only FOUR ingredients? I’ve seen recipes similar to this on Pinterest and honestly didn’t think I’d be able to make them. I’m not as good in the kitchen as my Grandmary or mom so most of the time when I try a recipe, the food still turns out fairly good but not great. But these… these are amazing!

This recipe makes the softest (but won’t fall apart) cookies you’ll probably ever eat! You bite into them and they basically melt in your mouth. I usually need to pair almond milk with my cookies but these are moist enough that you can just grab one from the cookie jar without a beverage needed.


1 box of vanilla cake mix

1 15 oz can of 100% pure pumpkin

1 tablespoon of cinnamon

1 cup of milk chocolate chips


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2. Mix all contents using a hand mixer or a fork (fork works just as well but takes longer)

3. Line your cookie sheet using parchment paper

4. Scoop cookie batter and place onto your cookie sheet in roughly 1.5 inch size balls

5. Place cookies two inches apart

6. Bake for 12-15 minutes (the larger your cookie scoops, the longer they’ll need to bake) or until you see the top becoming golden brown

7. Remove from oven and let cool for 5 minutes before serving!


How easy is this! This recipe made roughly 30 cookies for us which was way more than I expected. Heads up, they never really look done because of the consistency of the batter, but for our last batch I left them in for about 18 minutes to see what would happen and they were just as good. If you’re not a big baker, this is the perfect recipe to try that’s sure to please (and fill up!) many.

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Casual Cabin Maternity Style (Plus, How To Find Hunter Boots On Sale)!


Sweater: UOI Boutique  (use code BLOOMWITHSTYLE10 for 10% off)| Jeans: Marshalls (purchased over a year ago) | Hunter boots: Nordstrom | Plaid Blanket Scarf: (Old, exact match here) | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Earrings: UOI Boutique


Believe it or not, this entire outfit is composed of non-maternity pieces… even the jeans! I’m lucky enough to still fit in a few pairs of my regular jeans even at 25 weeks pregnant. With my first, I spent quite a bit of money on maternity clothing which I later gave to a friend because I didn’t think I’d ever need it again (or at least not so soon, haha)! I was a lot bigger than I am now, so I wouldn’t say purchasing the clothes was a waste. Now when I’m shopping for items to add to my fall/winter wardrobe, I try to buy pieces that are in regular women’s sizes so I can wear them longer after baby girl arrives. This means most pieces aren’t “fitted”.

Onto the beloved Hunter boots… I wanted a pair for so long and never really owned a true pair of rain boots before these. They’re a life saver. Even though they’re on the expensive side, I’ve worn these through the rain, snow, and mud and they’re still in great shape! I do wish that I had waited for a sale before spending the full amount because over the years I’ve learned you can score them for as much as 40%!

Nordstrom Rack is the first place I check to see if they have any – both online and in stores. Unfortunately I’m 45+ minutes away from the closest one, but I have even started seeing them in stores like Ross & Marshall’s! If you’re okay with buying pre-loved boots, I always check eBay, Poshmark, & ShopGoodwill. I’m so surprised that not many people have heard of Goodwill online… it’s not my go-to place to just search and see what’s new, but I’ll hop on and search for designer names to see if anything good is up and make a bid for it. I scored my Tory Burch flats BRAND NEW last year from there for less than $75!

Leave a comment below of your favorite places to score great deals at!



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Freshly Picked Favorites – October 2018

Freshly Picked October 2018

My new monthly series “Freshly Picked Favorites” is HERE! Towards the end of each month I’ll round up a few pieces I’ve tried and love, along with some pieces that may not have been purchased yet but I have my eyes on. Everything you see is pretty affordable at under $100 and perfect for this cozy, fall weather 🙂

One product I want to put in the spotlight is the Bliss wet/dry jelly cleanser. I got to use this after I went on a fun a day date to Milwaukee where I actually wore a full face of makeup which is really rare. I came home and grabbed the sample size of this that I received in my October Target beauty box (see this post for a full review) and not only does it smell fresh and feminine, but it truly does remove all makeup and leave your skin feeling silky soft.

The J. Crew sweater shown above is so fun! I’ve noticed color-block sweaters and cardigans are a huge hit this season and I love that this one has colors that aren’t necessarily traditional to wear in the fall. Plaid scarves will never go out of style and the one here is very affordable at $24! The black OTK boots shown I’ve actually purchased and are on sale currently. They’re a staple to every girl’s wardrobe – seriously, I reach for these practically every day because they go with everything. Another staple piece you need to grab is a good pair of denim jeans since in the fall and winter it gets a bit too chilly to wear denim that’s super distressed. Lastly, I love this dainty little initialed Kate Spade necklace and would be perfect gift to give!

This weekend we’re stopping at our favorite local bakery for fall-themed treats and enjoying the end of Dougie’s week off of work. What are your plans for the end of October?



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Fall Fun & OshKosh Overalls Day

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh B’gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Collaborations like this make Bloom With Style possible!

I remember being younger and my mom always dressing me in overalls. I did NOT want to wear them because 1) I wanted to dress myself 2) I didn’t think they were fashion-forward. Arguing with my mom over what I wore was a daily battle, but now that I’m a mother myself I look back on photos of myself and realize how cute my outfits were. Yep, I’m admitting it: My mom was right.

I can totally understand why she wanted to dress me in them now. Overalls are so easy to match with other things and good for several seasons, they actually stay on your kid (unlike lots of baby/toddler jeans), AND they’re simply adorable! I got the set that Royce is wearing at the OshKosh store closest to us and I was relieved when I saw how easy they were to find. They had an entire section on a wall with toddler overalls hanging so I could see them all at once and get a good idea of the pairs we wanted to buy.

What I love about OshKosh is how easy it is to find an entire outfit for him! It’s definitely my go-to place for kids fashion. The pair of overalls we bought have a warm grey flannel lined on the inside that shows when you cuff up his pant legs, so I paired them with the grey flannel bodysuit underneath. Not only is this set perfect together, but both pieces can be worn separately with other items.

On October 25th, OshKosh will be celebrating its second annual Overalls Day! I’m so excited we can participate this year and have the chance to win prizes by sharing photos and using the hashtag #OverallsDay. OshKosh will be giving away $100 gift cards every hour from 10am – 5pm EST on Overalls Day. You can enter on Instagram or Twitter. You can also enter on Facebook and one lucky winner will receive a $500 card (yes, you can participate in both for double the chances of winning – how cool is that?) If you’re into made up holidays and will be celebrating as well, make sure to share your favorite photos with us!

OshKosh Overall Day Bloom With Style


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Target Beauty Box – October 2018

I finally got my hands on a Target beauty box! When they first launched, I was SO ready to order one but they sold out quickly. I’m not normally a subscription-box fan simply because you normally don’t get something you’d use in each box and it’s another monthly fee on top of the many bills we already have, haha! I love that anyone can buy this box online and how affordable it is. They go FAST, but if you sign up for Target’s emails then you’ll be the first to know when they release. This month they had two boxes – the classic version of the beauty box with a mix of products from different categories and a eye-themed box. I’ll be giving you my first impression on each product featured and a little information about them too.

My favorite thing about these boxes is the price. Retailing at $7 each with free shipping, you’re getting more than your money’s worth for sample sizes of 5 different products. You also you get a $3 off coupon for any beauty purchase over $15 in each box which definitely comes in handy when you’re grabbing essential beauty items during your shopping trip!

Classic Beauty Box

Love Beauty & Planet Volume Shampoo & Conditioner – I was really excited about this product because it’s made for those with fine/thin hair who are lacking volume. Even though my hair is curly, I’ve never had thick hair and I don’t like to get layers put in my hair which usually helps with dimension and volume naturally. This product smells SO good and while I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my hair yet, I will say that it doesn’t dry out my hair or make it more frizzy like others I’ve tried have so I’m definitely going to keep using it.

Bliss Make-Up Melt Dry/Wet Jelly Cleanser – Another cleaner beauty product that I was happy to receive. It’s gentle but effective and sensitive skin friendly. You can use this on an eye pad or directly on your hands and massage it into your skin and even over your eyes to remove makeup and cleanse. From the scent alone, you’ll want to try this product!

Tom’s Luminous White Toothpaste – I’ve used Tom’s products in the past and was glad to see a product in this box so more people can try it. While I normally don’t use toothpaste with fluoride, it’s supposed to help you get visibly whiter teeth within 2 weeks so I may give it a try 🙂

Olay Total Effects Whips Moisturizer – Right off the bat, this product is as lightweight as advertised. It feels like whip cream on your skin! This product is for anyone who wants to reduce dark spots, minimize the look of pores, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, enhance brightness, even skin tone appearance, and of course moisturize! It is on the expensive side for a full size product retailing at $28.99 – so this sample size alone was worth the price of the box.

Cetaphil Body & Face Moisturizing Lotion – I already wasn’t thrilled about this product from the get-go only because I’ve heard of their products before and many have stronger chemicals that I try to avoid. After trying this lotion, I can say that it’s thinner and runnier than I’d normally buy. This product is flat out a no from me and I’d never buy it, but it has good reviews from many others who claim that it’s not greasy and helps with acne-prone skin.

October Eye Box 

Acure Undereye Hydrogels – I haven’t tried this product yet and personally don’t need to. I’m going to keep this product though so I can test it after baby #2 arrives since I probably won’t be getting much sleep 😉

Sonia Kashuk Brow Line & Spoolie Brush – I was thrilled to get this one simply because it seems to be a full size product. Both ends are pretty soft, but that’s not a plus in my book because I like my brow brushes to be firmer to apply product to. I haven’t tested this out but I have heard great things about her line at Target.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – I tested this mascara and WHOA! I really can tell the difference. I’m picky with mascaras because I feel like I’ve tried a handful of drugstore options but this one is definitely worth getting your hands on!

Covergirl Get In Line Eyeliner in Matte Black- First thing I noticed was this was also a full size product. Retailing at $7.99, if you want to test this product then you should get the box since you’re already saving money. The tip is really fine which is great for women like me who struggle to put on eyeliner and seems to be smudge proof after I tested it once.

Lumify Eyedrops – I can’t review this product simply because I don’t need it right now. These are geared towards people who wear contacts and have redness in their eyes but apparently they work in one minute which intrigued me. The reviews are great for this product so if you’re in the market for a new brand of eyedrops, I would try out Lumify’s!



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